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APR 26, 2016 | ElginRacing Press Release

ElginRacing Makes it 3 in a Row with Flag-to-Flag Victory at The Devil in the Dark Enduro

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(Photos by Kevin Adolf of FlimFlam Media and Mike Woeller of WindShadow Photo Studio)

Millville, N.J. -- ElginRacing finished first overall in the SCCA's Devil in the Dark 12 Hour Endurance Race at New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) for the third year in a row. Drivers David Jacobs, Greg Obadia and Todd Lamb celebrated the first recorded flag-to-flag Devil in the Dark win. Jacobs took the checkered flag at 11:55 p.m. on Saturday. Completing 406 laps in their 2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302R, ElginRacing finished the race with an eight-lap lead ahead of the second-place No. 61 Radical Canada's SR3 RS.

The defending Devil in the Dark winners faced a few obstacles on Friday that could have ended their winning streak. Minutes before qualifying, ElginRacing was faced with a starter motor issue. Despite this setback and tricky wet conditions on slick tires, ElginRacing qualified in third place behind No. 46 Fall-Line BMW M3 and the No. 78 Jim Locke Automotive Elan prototype. The MEATHEAD Racing crew with ElginRacing's Jimmy Padgett diligently worked through the night to change the starter motor and transmission in time for the race.

The green flag dropped at 11:55 a.m. with Lamb piloting the No. 00 Mustang past the pole winner in extremely wet conditions. Lamb drove back-to-back stints in the rain, creating a gap between the Mustang and the rest of the field. Attrition removed some of the top competitors from the field, including Raver Motorsport's waterlogged Superlite Coupe. Jacobs, Obadia and Lamb rotation kept the pace set by strategist Francois Bru. Mike Collins's crew executed quick and flawless pit stops. The team led by 12 laps at one point.

"It's all about anticipating and respecting the quality of your competition, preparation and knowing that, unless very good luck is on your shoulder, you won't be on the podium," said Ben Jacobs of ElginRacing. ElginRacing's record-breaking performance would not have been possible without the months of preparation and seasoned team members.

ElginRacing has won four of five endurance races entered with the driver trio of Jacobs, Obadia, Lamb in the Ford Mustang BOSS 302R. Making its endurance debut three years ago, the team won the SCCA’s 2014 Devil in the Dark and then took overall win of the 2014 Charge of the Headlight Brigade 13-hour Enduro race at Virginia International Raceway. Last year, ElginRacing returned to NJMP to win first place in the 2015 Devil in the Dark 12 Hour Endurance Race.

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